The perfect gift for him or for her! (or for you!)

A man's book and a woman's book that read upside-down and backwards to each other,
meeting in the middle! For singles only. First edition!

One of the ten best books you will EVER read.

"I LOVE it! The Book of Love rocks! We'd love to have you back on the show anytime, Paul."
April Wilson, senior producer, "Daytime," WFLA-TV


Author Paul Olsen will sign and inscribe your book(s) with any personal message you desire!

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We both loved The Book of Love...Joe couldn't put it down! We are giving each of our grown children a copy to set them straight on all this sticky business. -- Rochella and Joe New (singer/songwriter)

"You were an enjoyable interview, Paul...all the girls at the station are fascinated by your book. What happened as a result of appearing on my show is simply incredible. Your book certainly is magic." Pat Atteberry, producer and host, KLST-TV.

Paul, we would love to have you on the show--Suzanne Ashe, KABB-TV

Paul, I'm well into "our side" of your book, and I am convinced, you are the master, il maestro! Incredible that a man, any man, can nail it (no pun intended) like you can. You know women better than they know themselves---John Caslione, author 'Chaotics."

"Paul, your book looks fascinating and is certainly eye-candy. Call me to arrange an appearance." Gasia Mikaelian, presenter, KPRC-TV.

Finally! A book that gives men an insight into a woman's mind (that is written in a way I KNOW men will enjoy reading!) and heart that is needed to make it work in a relationship. It helps men to understand women's thoughts and emotions, how to communicate with them, how to treat them better (and how to get us to give THEM what THEY want in return) and what women want and need out of a relationship. Plus, The Book of Love has helped us women understand ourselves better, too! I really think this is a "must have" for both men and women; especially young singles tired of the 'dating game' wanting to find a meaningful relationship--Diana E., Chicago.

"I've met many frogs in pursuit of my prince! This is a fun-to-read, yet poignant relationship book that has led me down a more realistic path. I finally understand MEN! It's wonderful for men or women who just can't seem to make it click yet with a significant other. This book is full of realistic advice on attracting the RIGHT partner and making it work."--Jennifer J., Valparaiso, IN.

Dear Paul,

I just wanted to let you know I think your book is fantastic. I started it three days ago and am currently nearing the end of the first half. This has given me a truckload of things to consider to say the least. I am now gearing up for The High Road...Oh, look out! (after reading The High Road section): To say The Book of Love has been a complete inspiration to me would be like saying, "water is kinda damp on occasion." What really makes The Book of Love so great is that (like myself) it comes from a rock 'n roll "head" and has FAR more common sense than most of those self-help books on love out there. I found it effortless to comprehend, and totally engaging. I've already been applying it to my life and came away thinking one of the major points in it is to be the best person I can be and then...let things happen.

Thanks again for writing "The Book of Love," - it's already been an immense influence on my thinking and well, everything.

---Seth Man, N.J. USA