"Paul...'loved the book and am ordering two more for girlfriends who need to read it!"
Mary Greer, real estate agent, Milam Texas.
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I replied, 'Paul's book.' She said, 'Get me a copy!'"
Bob Y---, film director, Hollywood.
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OK, dumb question...of course you are. But how do you go about doing this thing?

The Book of Love will set your sails and get you launched into Life's Greatest Adventure--True Love. By learning how Nature really works, how Existence really operates, what men really are (and aren't), and WHO you really are...you will then be ready to meet that Special Man. But ONLY then.

The Book of Love lays it all out for you like a roadmap. It's simple, and it WORKS.

The Book of Love teaches you that men are not interested in love in the abstract as women are. There are very powerful and clear reasons for this. Men are interested--VERY interested--in sex, but not love (but they can be, of course). Men are attracted (or not) to a woman in a heartbeat.

Shallow? On the surface, maybe, but it is a diabolically clever and exquisitely elegant strategy of Nature that works like a charm. You'll learn all about it.

Sexual attraction is the lure women possess to enchant and CAPTIVATE men. Once he's on your hook, THEN you can dazzle him with WHO you are. It's all explained.

When you finish The Book of Love, you'll have all the tools and knowledge necessary to make any man you fancy available to you, and you will be the most fantastic lover he has ever had, or even fantasized about. And HE will become YOUR fantasy if you give HIM a copy of The Book of Love!

This knowledge alone is worth the price of the book...but this is only a fraction of what The Book of Love gives you.

First of all, The Book of Love is no namby-pamby psycho-babble bit of fluff and nonsense; it's a hard-hitting, entertaining, powerful book filled with the distilled wisdom of the ages that will enable you to be successful at ANYTHING you do.

The Book of Love will knock you into shape so you can reach your full potential and become the most powerful, confident person you can be....making you attractive to any man.

You will learn:

The most common mistakes women make with men.

What turns men on, and what turns them off.

What's the most exciting thing you can say to him.

What's the most exciting thing you can do to him.

How you can keep his attention focused on YOU.

How to meet HIM.

How to reach your full potential.

The Universe and the structure of Existence.

The meaning of life.

The secret of life.

The role of coincidences and how they reflect your path through this life.

How to make the Forces of Nature work for you.

How to stay healthy.

What dreams are and how they function in your life.

Who CJ is and why you need her.

How to rewire your circuits so you can think clearly.

How to be the best lover your man has ever had.

How to give a good slurpy.

Why men are the way they are.

Jing & Jang...

...and so much more!

The Book of Love is TWO racy, ribald, complete books in one...

...a man's book and a woman's book that read
upside-down and backwards to each other, meeting in the middle!

Anything sound familiar here???

"The Book of Love will change your life!"
--Kathy Phillips, IslandInns.com

When was the last time you read a book that changed your life? Forever?? ...and was fun to read in the bargain? Ever feel like you're not in charge of your destiny? After reading The Book of Love, you'll never feel that way again. You'll be in charge Big Time. You'll call ALL the shots...while you watch Nature roll over for you and smooth your way when she can't fool you anymore. Remember the Wizard of Oz? Peek behind the curtain!

When you learn how the Whole Enchilada works, the world is truly your oyster...or asparagus...or whatever you want it to be. Chocolate?

"The Book of Love is outrageous!"
Bob Hite, news anchor, WFLA Florida.

Author Paul Olsen takes you on a sparkling eye-opening adventure through human sexual evolution and the nature of existence. He explains, with the gloves off, why men do THIS, and women do THAT, and how to deal with all that nonsense. TBOL is funny, profound, and will constantly surprise and provoke you. It's all very simple, and you'll "get it."

And once you "get it," you'll never be the same again and are YOU
going to be successful with the men!!! Wahaay!

(you'll also be successful in everything else you do!)

Author's note:
The Book of Love is dedicated to "The Greatest"...the incredible
Muhammad Ali who believed in himself totally and never gave up...

...and in loving honor of the extraordinary Mae West who peppers

the book with her prodigious wit, wisdom, and humor. What a woman!
My two favorite people of the 20th century.

Many people have asked me, "Who is your greatest American hero?"
That's easy: Sitting Bull.


Author: Ahhhhhhh...the amazing Mae West, who I was privileged to meet...there are simply no words I could write that would do her justice...but her own:

Between two evils, I always pick the one I've never tried before.

The curve is more powerful than the sword.
Mae West

"The Greatest"
(to an 8 year-old boy): "I would have been the greatest at ANYTHING I chose to do. If I was a garbageman, I would have been the best garbageman in the world and would have emptied more garbage cans in a day than anyone else and done a better job of it, too!"
Author: I have nothing but the greatest love, respect, and admiration for this incredible man...I can't say enough about him. No wonder he's the most loved and recognized person on the planet.
Muhammad Ali embodies ALL the attributes The Book of Love gives you to employ for yourself...
so you can be The Greatest at whatever
you choose to do and be.


The Book of Love begins with a history and development of the male and the female which explains why we are the way WE are, and you are the way YOU are! There's no feminist politically correct revisionist BS in The Book of Love...only a clear, unbiased review of historical biological fact.

And the fact is: we each have very specific roles to play in nature that dictate our behavior. You need to know this stuff to understand how the Whole Male-Female Enchilada works.

TBOL then goes on to present you with, and to explain 84 precepts regarding the classic wrangles we get into and why and how to handle them, understand them, or avoid them. You will learn how to treat and tantalize men...because you will KNOW men as much as any woman on the planet.

These precepts are complemented with salient quotes from the likes of Mae West, George Carlin, and Miss Piggy, to Napoleon, Shakespeare, and Ben Franklin. The accumulated knowledge from these quotations will underpin your new acquisition of wisdom.

You will then learn how to go about meeting THE man made for you---the man of your dreams...your soulmate.

You are then given a complete primer on sex, and how to please any man more than he has ever been pleased. Make sure he has a strong heart!

While all this is going on in the Women's Book, what do you think is going on in the Men's Book? Ha! That's right...HE'S learning how to please YOU! How many orgasms can you stand before you need the ER? You are going to have the best sex you have EVER had!

The next section of TBOL is The Killer. The High Road. The whole mechanics of existence---the meaning of life---is laid before you like a magic carpet of the Universe. If you are a thoughtful individual, you will "get it" and the whole of Existence and how it operates will become clear.

Once you comprehend how this all neatly works (and it's fully explained), your life will slip into warpdrive, and the most amazing things will begin to happen to you. Really.

You will be ready to meet your soulmate.

(but JUST when you least expect it!)

Enjoy The Book of Love...it will be the best twenty-five bucks you have ever spent. And, Paul Olsen will sign it and PERSONALIZE it FREE!*

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